Howdy Peeps,

My name is JJ Kennedy, and I am the editor of this blog. I am currently a fancy pants running the online business for a fancy pants corportation. It’s super-extra top secret.

I own USED to own a company called Evil Genius Interactive, an award-winning marketing and internet strategy & development firm. In a previous life I was VP of Internet and Marketing Strategy at Pitney Bowes… a big fancy $6 Billion company that you may have never heard of, but come in contact with every day. If you have ever recieved a bill, most likely it was printed, folded, packaged, and mailed by something from PB.

I am a resident of Sarasota, FL. I’ve been happily married for a dozen(ish)? years and my wife is an Emergency Veterinarian (You would think after all this time I would be able to spell that damn word!). Since moving down south I did a stint as VP of Marketing and Partner for a real estate investment group, and when the market folded switched over to full time consulting and entrepreneurializing….oh and now, corporate whoreizing.

When I’m not working (most of the time) you can usually find me either playing Warcraft (…For the Horde!) Rift or hanging out by the beach.


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More crap about me if you care:

  • I am a MBA with a focus on marketing and information systems.
  • I am a tech geek who loves computers and gadgets.
  • I kinda have ADD which means I will probably kick your ass at Jeopardy. Not becuse I am particularly smart, but I’m fascinated by lots of things.
  • Some of those random things are: relegion (I’m Agnostic), war strategy, quantum physics, crowd psychology, and human/technology convergence.
  • I don’t watch a lot of TV. Mostly movies if I do. But I like House. Probably cause I am sorta like him..other than being a total dick. (just some of the time) I also love old-school South Park.
  • I’ve been a musician for a LOOONG time. Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, and singing and now drums! . I’d do it full time if it made more than $500 a month.
  • My wife is hot
  • and smart
  • and funny
  • I read a lot. See ADD above. *Note: I’ve read the classics. They still suck.
  • I believe passionately in results, not methods.  If I can do it in half the time it takes you, get over it.  If I don’t produce the results I promised, fire me.  I deserve it.