Small Business Marketing

This is the most ambitious series on site to date.  It basically covers the strategies and tactics needed to market your product or business through each stage of it’s lifecycle.

Becuase I post other topics to the blog in-between writing article in the series, I noticed some people were getting lost.  To make it easier for you, you can grab em all here. 


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Once I finish the series I will be yanking them from the free site. The reason is simple: I’m greedy.  What I plan to do is take your comments, refine the articles with what I have learned, and then repackage them as an ACTUAL BOOK. Not an ebook, but a thingy with covers and everything.  Yeppers, I’m cool.

I also plan to use this series as an elective course for over-privlidged undergrad seniors.  That means that I can not only get paid to teach these hooligans, I can also get their parents to pony up $59 bucks a copy 🙂  Gotta love academia.   So here they are…enjoy!


Series Overview

Small Business Marketing Part 1: Lifecycles – Startup, Growth, Maturity, Decline

In this first article of the series on standing out in your market, we cover the basics of the product/industry lifecycle and explain some of the identifying factors of each.  In later articles in the series, we will call out specific strategies and tactics that you can use depending on what stage you find yourself in.


Introduction Phase

Small Business Marketing – Startup Stage 2: Starttup Stage Overview
This article is all about the goals of marketing in the introduction stage. We will then spend an article on each of the sub-goals within this phase and some strategies and tactics to achieve them.

Small Business Marketing – Startup Stage 2.a: Introduce and Intrigue
In this article we begin to discuss strategies and tactics you can use to differentiate yourself in the Introduction phase of the lifecycle.

Small Business Marketing – Startup Stage 2.b : Public Relations (PR)
In this article we discuss the use of PR to help build awareness about your product in the introduction phase.  Targeting influencers and early-adopters, Finding the Players, and Getting the Word Out

Small Business Marketing – Startup Stage Part 2.c : Research and Target Market
This article is the third installment of differentiating yourself in the the introduction phase of the market lifecycle.  In it, we will discuss several options for defining, qualifying, and surveying your target market.

Small Business Marketing – Startup Stage 2.d: Metrics and Flexibility
We are going to wrap it up the introduction phase of marketing series with a discussion on using the data you collected to further refine your strategy and tactics while you are in the heat of battle.


Growth Phase

 Small Business Marketing – Growth Stage 3 : The Growth Phase Overview
This article will serve as the jump point for our discussion of differentiating your business during the growth phase of the industry lifecycle. 

Small Business Marketing – Growth Stage 3.a: Accelerating the Tipping Point
This article is going to be about Accelerating the Tipping Point.  If you remember, one of the things we discussed in the Introduction Phase was targeting the innovators, early-adopters, and influencers.  In this phase, we are going to start to leverage those relationships to help pass our message to the mass market.

Small Business Marketing – Growth Stage 3b: Meeting Demand
We continue the series on the small business lifecycle with a discussion on how to meet skyrocking demand during the growth stage of your business.

This will be updated as each article is added.