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Subtitle… Are Internet Guru’s for real?

I have to be honest… Over the last few months I have been following two paths.  One towards getting EGI off the ground with the ultimate goal of teaming up with my buddies for a big launch in a year or so when they get their act together, the other is looking for a “real” job, or at least, as real as I get.

The latter path has led me into the secular world of “Internet Marketing” and “Gurus.”  While I came up the ranks on the corporate side as a webmaster, internet director, and finally a VP of internet and marketing, I am a guy who knows a lot about using the internet as a marketing channel, but I am not an “Internet Marketer.” 

In the Internet Marketing world, the hard flashy pitch is the norm.  Boasting claims of “How I make $26 Million in just one hour” are not uncommon. Promises of wealth and the good life to anyone who ponies up anywhere from $19 to $10,000+ are abundant. 

Here’s How I Got Started on The Path to Making Millions…

In my search, I came across a position of Marketing Director for a company called Strategic Profits.  This is the business of Rich Schefren, who in internet marketing circles, is one of the bigger up-and-comers and is often referred to as the “guru’s guru”.  I didn’t think there was much chance of getting the gig for a couple of reasons that I will not go into, but I decided to give it a shot anyway.  Worst case: It’s a day out of my life and a trip to the beach. 

The reason for my interest in the company was originally twofold.  First, the job description was right up my alley. Strong strategic thinker, out of the box, good leader. Second, the company was small and I knew my work would have a direct impact on the business, which I could ultimately parlay in to healthy bonuses.  I am very good at what I do…and I know it.

What I wasn’t expecting, was that this guy was really, really, REALLY smart, (He now ranks as 1 of only 3 people I know that I put in that category) and second, that he was not only cool and well-grounded but shared my disheveled but strict moral compass on “Do the right thing by people. Money is important, but it ain’t the only thing” That kind of threw me for a loop knowing what I have seen about internet marketers.

My Three Secret Conclusions…REVEALED.

As I began to do research for the gig, I read all of Rich’s stuff, then his mentors, partners, and competition. I immersed myself in to that world and came to 3 conclusions.

There are still plenty of slimy internet marketing folks out there selling scams. BUT..

There is a very definite move towards the real deal. Some of these Guru’s are LIGHT YEARS ahead of where the “legitimate” business world is in terms of actual strategy and implementation.  

You will never succeed being slimy…Most of the scourge-of-society marketers are all in the low end. No particularly big names, but many are junior JV partners of the big name guys. Although many of the legitimate big names use the exact same tactics as the slimy guys (standard squeeze page templates, ridiculous boasts, and in your face content), you will quickly notice that the big guys actually give stuff away for free.  That means they usually have a lot of valuable content and don’t mind giving some away to get you in the door.  All they are going to ask for in exchange is your email address.

Good people beget good business…I have two favorite “gurus’ at the moment.  The first is Rich Schefren. Job offer aside, I like his personality, his personal and business philosophy, and his ideas.  His programs are basically a MBA degree targeted at real-life entrepreneurs. His approach basically takes the best of the best content from everywhere, takes out jargon, synthesizes it, then point blank tells you exactly the strategies and tactics that he has used himself with these concepts to make millions of dollars.  His courses show you how to do what he did, tailored for your own business.  From what I have seen so far: 100% genuine. Yeah, I know. Creepy.

My second favorite is Frank Kern, probably because most folks who know me would describe me as the bastard love-child of Frank and Rich.  Ironically, the less clean cut he gets, the less slimy, more personable, and smarter he seems to become.  I saw an early presentation with him in standard business attire looking polished and well coiffed. From listening to him speak and his pitch involved, I wasn’t at all impressed and put him in the slimy camp right away.  And then a funny thing happened…  I saw him again at a presentation from few years later in jeans and a tshirt. He now had long scraggly hair and looked like Bill and Ted’s older brother who still lived in his parents’ basement.

His presentation style was extremely casual, no sales hype, all useful content. And it was exceptional content. Not good…exceptional.  I was literally struggling to figure out what he was ultimately selling and why he was giving this info away.  While I would not put him in the really, really, really smart bucket with Rich, I would put him squarely in the really, really smart bucket with me. His unique bonus is that is disarmingly charming, funny, interesting, and quick on his feet.  His low-hype pitch, could barely be discerned as one, but yet is probably the most effective I have ever seen.

Eat my Rubber… as quoted by Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation aptly describes what is going on in the internet marketing world.  “Dust” isn’t a strong enough noun.  My final point is that these guys and gals are light years ahead of traditional business many respects.  The strategies and tactics taught for list building, list marketing, search engine optimization, social marketing, content creation, optimizing desired actions, and even business strategy are amazing.  If pressed to say why, I would guess the biggest factor is this…

In this world, you actually walk the talk.

The modus operandi is: figure it out, do it yourself successfully, then teach others how to do it just like you did. Simply put, if it didn’t work for themselves, they wouldn’t be teaching it.  Again, this only applies to the “real deal” gurus out there.  The slimy guys will still try to sell you wooden nickels.

The Big Take Away…

I’m still not sure if I will get the Marketing Director gig. At this point it really depends on what they are looking for. If they go strategic, I think I have a pretty good shot.  If they go more tactical, I can not fault them, but it wouldn’t be the right position for me.  Even though taking this position would be a substantial pay cut for me, at least initially, I think the amount that I can learn from a few years of immersion in the world would be well worth it in the long run.

But there is one thing I can promise you…  If I do not get the gig, the first thing I am going to do is to launch a product using one of these guy’s “Get RICH Quick” methods to see if it really does work starting from square one.  I have the added advantage of quite a bit of experience in both starting a business and marketing, but from the methods I have seen, they may be irrelevant..  In any case, I will be blogging and presenting results as they happen.

To cold Jager, naughty girls, and being a better person…


JJ Kennedy

the Evil Genius

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